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Raising Up a “New Breed” of Revivalists


River School of The Bible online programs exist for the purpose of training men and women in the spirit of revival for ministry in the 21st century. This is not just for the full-time minister, but for all of God’s people who are hungry for more. It is a place where the Word of God and the Holy Spirit come together to produce life, birth ministries, and launch individuals to fulfill the call of God.  

River School of The Bible online program provides quality Spirit-filled biblical instruction, academic training, and practical education to men and women called into the Five-Fold Ministry. The ministry program also provides instruction for those who desire to become better equipped in other areas of Christian service.  


It has been our dream for many years to provide a place where men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences could gather together to study and experience the glory of God. As you will discover, the River School of The Bible is not a traditional Bible school. It is a Holy Ghost training center, birthed specifically for those whose strongest desire is to know Christ and to make Him known.  

You can be saturated in the Word and Spirit of God at River School of The Bible. It is where you will be empowered to reach your high calling and set your world on fire with revival. It is for this reason that we have expanded the River Bible Institute to include River School of The Bible Online, so that those who are unable to come to the school in Tampa, can receive this training and impartation, anyplace worldwide.  

Don’t wait! God wants to raise you up to do great things for Him. We look forward to seeing you grow and change and go out into the world in power and victory.  

Yours for Revival and the Harvest,  

Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne Th.D.; D. Min; D.D. President  

Dr. Adonica Howard- Browne D. Min; M.A.; B.A. Vice President

Remarks from the Director

Online Courses

3 Terms / 4 Courses per Term


The Holy Spirit 1: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit  

The Holy Spirit 2: The Gifts, Ministries and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit  

Developing an Effective Prayer Life  

Biblical Stewardship 


Christ the Healer  

The Lifestyle of Faith  

The Book of Acts  

Servant Leadership: Supportive Ministries 


Reality of Righteousness 

The Blood Covenant

Basic Bible Doctrines 

New Testament Survey  

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It's simple. Once you pay the enrollment fee, you'll be able to book an intake call with our team. We'll finalize your account and enable access to the online courses.

What kind of results can I expect?

This program provides quality Spirit-filled biblical instruction, academic training, and practical education to men and women called into the Five-Fold Ministry. 

Where do you operate?

RSB Online is based in Tampa, FL and is a division of the River Bible Institute.

Are there any hidden fees?

Not at all. After your initial enrollment of $295, you will only be charged $30/mo to maintain access to online courses. You can cancel at any time.

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